Manual Attendance

If you do not want to record attendance using a wand scanner, and are not using TouchPoint Check-In, you can easily and quickly record individual attendance manually by just using your keyboard and mouse.


In order for a person to display on a meeting as a Member, their Enrollment Date must pre-date the Meeting Date. Along that same line, in order for a person to stop displaying as a Member on a Meeting, their Drop Date must pre-date the Meeting Date. You might be interested in the blog post where we discuss this.

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When to Create Meetings

You do not need to create the meeting if you are using a wand scanner to record attendance. Scanning the org bar code on the roll sheet creates the meeting. Also, if you are using TouchPoint Check-In for orgs with a weekly Schedule, you do not need to create the meeting. It gets created the first time someone checks in. But when you record attendance manually using your keyboard and mouse, you must create each meeting.

Record Attendance Manually

Step 1

Create the Meeting.

  • Go to the organization and click on the Meetings tab.

  • Then click the green Create New Meeting button (leave the group meeting box unchecked unless you are recording only a headcount)

  • The Schedule, Meeting Date, Time, and Attend Credit will display the based on the schedule (make changes, if necessary).

  • Click OK.

  • This opens the meeting page.


Meetings can be created in advance for organizations that do not meet weekly. Create the meeting by following the instructions above. When you are ready to record attendance, just click the meeting date in the list of meetings on the Meeting tab of the organization.

Step 2

Record the Attendance

  • Check Enable: Editing. This will display all the members and recent guests, with the guests listed at the end of the members list.

  • Check the box in the Attended column for each person who is marked present on the roll sheet.

  • Attendance is updated as you check each box, so there is no ‘save changes’ button.

  • Once you have recorded attendance for those in the list, you can add guests by pressing the Add Guests button.


You can view those who attended or those who were absent by clicking the appropriate radio button - Attends, Absents, or Registered.

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Headcounts / Group Attendance

You can record a headcount attendance instead of individual attendance, and you can also record a headcount in addition to individual attendance.

Ministry and Attendance

For organizations that have members, we encourage you to make every effort to get accurate individual attendance for those members. Finding absent members can happen only if you record individual attendance. Also, be diligent in getting information about your guests. Without a phone number, email address or address you will not be able to contact your guests. Also, without other information (gender, marital status) it will be harder to minister effectively to them. We don’t recommend that our classes count people for whom they have no information just to increase the headcount, nor do we recommend using only a Group (Headcount), except for rare occasions when it isn’t practical to record individual attendance.