Online Directory for an Organization

Online Organization Directory

TouchPoint has a built-in, online directory for every organization. The purpose is for My Data users who are enrolled in the organization to stay in touch with each other, communicate easily, and also acknowledge birthdays.

Lay leaders with OrgLeadersOnly Accounts can view the actual organization, so they do not need this directory. However, they can still access it.

The default setting for Publish Directory is No Directory. A user with Edit and Access roles can change the setting by selecting Directory or Family Directory. See below for more information about the data that is included in each type of directory.

There are 2 requirements for viewing the online directory:

  1. You must be a current member of the organization.
  2. You must have any type of user account.
Accessing the Directory as a My Data User
A My Data user would simple log on to the church TouchPoint database, and click on the name of the organization under their Involvement > Current tab. This opens the directory in their browser.
Accessing the Directory as an OrgLeadersOnly User
Instead of clicking the name of the organization under their Involvement > Current tab, they would click the information icon (an i in a blue circle) beside the organization name, and then select Online Directory. Then is will open in their browser.


Once you are viewing the directory, you can bookmark it like you would any other web page that you use often. That’s a very quick way to access your class members, whether you are a leader or not.

Features of the Online Directory

Both directories contain the same information for each person listed. The difference is the people that are included. The regular Directory contains only current members. The Family Directory contains current members and their immediate family members.

Information included:
  • Name
  • Birthday (month/day)
  • Address
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • The email address is an active link that will allow you to click and send an email using your default email provider.
  • You can search by part of either a first name or part of a last name.
  • The default sort is by family, and the count for the number of families will be displayed at the top of the directory.
  • For easy viewing, the Directory has tiger-striping.
  • The Family Directory has families grouped together even if last names are different.
  • The count at the end of the Family Directory is the number of families.
  • Click on the Birthday header, if you want to sort by the birthdays. When you do this, the count will change to individuals instead of families.
  • The name of the person logged will be at the top of the page and is a link to his profile page.

Turn on the Online Directory

This is set at the organization level, so leaders of each organization can decide if they want to make this Online Directory available or not. They can also decide if they want the Family or the Member style directory.

Step 1
Go to the organization Setting > General tab and click Edit.
Step 2

Select on of the following options beside Publish Directory:

- Yes, Publish Directory (for the Member Directory)
- Yes, Publish Family Directory (for the Family Directory),
- No Directory (if you do not want the directory to be available).

Click Save Changes.

Sample Online Family Directory:

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