Membership Info Export

Membership Info Export

This export contains information related to a person’s church membership. The report can be generated for an organization, Search Builder results, an individual, or a Tag.

This export contains every field that is on a person’s Profile > Member tab relating to church member status. Because it is an Excel spreadsheet, you can take advantage of Filters and/or Sorting to help you evaluate your list of individuals.

Generate the Export

Step 1
Find your target group - an organization, a Tag, Search Builder results, or an individual.
Step 2
Go to the blue Toolbar and select Cloud icon > Other Exports > Membership Info Export. The report will open in Excel.

The following are columns in this export:

  • People ID #
  • Name
  • Decision Type
  • Decision Date
  • Baptism Type
  • Baptism Status
  • Baptism Date
  • Baptism Scheduled Date
  • New Member Class Status
  • New Member Class Date
  • Member Status
  • Join Type
  • Join Date
  • Previous Church
  • Drop Type
  • Drop Date
  • New Church
  • Letter Status
  • Date Letter Requested
  • Date Letter Received