Org Members Only Page

Members Only Page

This is a place where leaders of an organization can post content that is accessible only by members of that organization - both My Data users as well as OrgLeadersOnly users. You can post links to uploaded documents or type in the content.

Access Members Only Page

Staff Users

Go to the organization, select the blue Toolbar > Gear > Members Only Page. If you are a member of the organization or a leader in a parent org over this org, you will be able to view the page.

If you do not have access, you will see the message “Sorry, members only.”

My Data Users

If you are a My Data user when you log on go the Involvement tab on your record and click the name of org.

OrgLeadersOnly - Leaders in Org

OrgLeadersOnly users who are leaders in the org can access the Members Only Page by using the blue Toolbar > Gear > Members Only Page.

OrgLeadersOnly - Not Leader in that Org

If you are a Lay Leader with OrgLeadersOnly but are not a leader in the org whose Members Only Page you want to access, go to your Involvement tab and click the information icon (circle with the i in it). Then click the link for Members Only Page.


If you click the name of the org you will see the message “You must be a member of this org.” Be sure you select the icon and then the Members Only Page link. This is only if you have OrgLeadersOnly role and are NOT a leader in that org.

Use Case - Deacons

We post their Lord’s Supper Assignments, the calendar for the year, links to the monthly meeting minutes, and any other type of information they need throughout their terms as deacons.

Edit Members Only Page

You have several options for granting access to edit the Members Only page.

  1. A leader in the org (or parent org) who has OrgLeadersOnly and ContentEdit roles can edit that page.

  2. A leader in the org (or parent org) with Edit role can edit the page.

  3. An Admin can edit the page without being a leader in the org.

Org Leaders with ContentEdit Role

One reason we recommend using ContentEdit role for someone with OrgLeadersOnly role is so that he can maintain the Members Only page for his organization, but without having the rights to edit anything else in the database.


If the org allows for an online directory, My Data users not be able to access the Members Only Page from their people record, but will be taken to the Member / Family Directory instead of the Members Only Page. If they are mailed a link, they can access the page.