24 Hour Prayer Grid

If you want to create an online registration so that people can select a time slot from a grid of slots spanning a 24 your period, submit a Support Request from your database and we will paste the necessary code into the organization you designate.

The prayer grid will present the days as a header row, with the times (each hour of the day beginning at midnight) as columns. Each day has 23 time slots.


Section of the Prayer Grid Registration

This is just a tiny section of the Questions tab when you are setting up a grid. All of the checkboxes will display on the Questions tab after you paste the code for you.



As you see, this is a much more complex set up than most online registrations. But, once you set it up it works great. Also, you will be able copy and paste the code into a new organization, if you have need for more than one prayer grid.

Creating a Second Prayer Grid

Part One - Copy the Code

You will be copying the code from the existing organization into a new organization. The user with Admin role must do this.

Step 1

Go to the organization that is currently set up for a prayer grid.

Step 2

Select the Gear icon on the blue Toolbar and then click the control key on your keyboard. This will now display a new option. Select View Registration Document.

Step 3

Put your cursor in the box where you see the text, and use Control A to select everything, and then Control C to copy it.

Part Two - Past the Code

You should already have created the new organization at this point.

Step 1

Go to the new organization and set the Registration Type to Join Organization.

Step 2

While viewing the org, select the Gear icon on the blue Toolbar, and then press the Control key.

Now select View Registration Document.

Step 3

Put your cursor at the top of the text currently displaying and then use Control V to paste all the text you copied into the Registration Document.

Look at the top of the text where you see <Settings id= and replace the number that you see after the = sign with the Org ID # for the new org.

Now click the blue Save button.

Step 4

Go to the Messages tab and set the Online Notify Person and make any changes you want to the confirmation and instructions.


If you have any problems with this, please submit a Support Request from your database.

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