Promotion—Notify Parents

After students have been assigned to their Pending Classes, and you are comfortable that everyone is the correct class, you should communicate with the parents. This is to let them know the class name, room number and teacher for their child. There are several suggested actions:

Before Promotion is Finalized

To communicate with parents while students are still in a pending state, use one of these methods:

  1. Mail the parents a card with the new class information, using the Promotion Export. OR

  2. Have the teachers email their Pending members.

After Promotion Finalized

If you wait until after the Admin has finalized Promotion and you can use one of these methods:

  1. Send an email to everyone enrolled in the same Program and Division, using special email replacement codes. OR

  2. Have the teachers email their new (now current) members.


Step 1

Go to Organizations > Manage Organizations > Promotion and select a Promotion type from the dropdown.

You do not need to filter any further unless you prefer to do so.

Step 2

Click the Promotion Export button at the top of the page and save this as an Excel spreadsheet.

Repeat Steps 1 & 2 until you have a spreadsheet for each Promotion group. If you want to run the mail merge all together, cut and paste these so that you have one data source.

Step 3

Using the Excel spreadsheet as your data source, create a Word Merge.

The key fields included in the export that relate to the new (which would be still Pending) class are as follows:


Name of the class


Time that it meets


Room number


Name of the teacher of the class (the person whose Member Type matches the Leader Type for the Organization)

First Name and Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip

For each person included in that Promotion group


The export also contains the names of the parents, in case you want to include that in your mailed piece. Parent 1 will be the Head of Household; Parent 2 will be the HOH spouse, if there is one.

Mailing Individual Organizations

You can create a mail merge from an individual organization. Go to the Pending tab and select Toolbar > Export Excel > Org Members Export > Promotion Export. Use the column labeled PendingLoc for the room number. If PendingLoc is empty that means that the class is staying in the same room, so use Location.

Staff Sending Email for all Students

After Promotion has been finalized, you can send an email to everyone in the same Program and Division giving them their new class name, teacher, and location. You can use this method whether you used the Annual Promotion or Manage Organization Members to move the students.


Do not use this method until AFTER Promotion has been finalized if you used Annual Promotion. If you used Manage Org Members for Promotion you can use this after you have moved all the students.

Step 1

Go to Search Builder and use the Condition Is Member Of and select the Program and Division

Step 2

Compose an email using the following email replacement codes, replacing divid in the example below with the actual ID# for the Division. Be sure to put some text beside the replacement codes, such as - Your New Class is {orgmember:orgname,214}

  • {orgmember:location,divid} - Location

  • {orgmember:orgname,divid} - Organization Name

  • {orgmember:leader,divid} - Leader Name

Division ID #

You can find the Division ID# by looking at the Condition in Search Builder. The Div ID# will be the 2nd number in the condition.

For example: Is Member (125,234,0)=True In this case, the Division ID is 234. Also, these are listed on Administration > Organizations > Divisions.

Step 4

Select Email > Child with Parents CC’d from the blue Toolbar


When emailing the child and copying the parents, we suggest using something like this as your greeting:

Hi, {first} and Parents

Remember, the parent is getting a copy, so the email replacements apply to the child.

Teachers Emailing Students in their Organization

These options are if the leader in the class wants to send the email instead of having staff members send it.

Before Promotion Is Finalized
  • Click the Pending tab for the organization in which they are enrolled as the leader.

  • Select from the Toolbar > Envelope > Email > Child with Parents CC’d

  • Compose the email, giving the parents the necessary information about the child’s new class.

After Promotion Is Finalized
  • Click the Members tab for the Organization.

  • Select from the Toolbar > Envelope > Email > Child with Parents CC’d

  • Compose the email, giving the parents the necessary information about the child’s new class.


This is a great way for the teacher to introduce himself to the child and to the parents. He might also want to provide further information, such as the topics they will be studying, some information about the teacher, or perhaps inviting the parents to visit the class.