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Rally Roll Sheet

The Rally Roll Sheet was created for those Sundays when parents attend their child’s class, but need to be counted present in their own adult Sunday morning Life Group (Main Fellowship Class). An example of this would be a Parent Sunday just after annual promotion, when parents attend their child’s Life Group to meet the teacher, while the child/student attends a rally (or the parent attends the class with their child). It could also be needed for parents attending their child’s Bible Drill class during a Sunday morning Life Group time. It works for any occasion when a parent attends a class in which their child is enrolled and you want to count the parent present in their adult class.

What does it look like?

The rollsheet is printed for the children/student class (notice the top left corner of the rollsheet), but contains the names of the parents of the members who are enrolled in that class, not the members of the class itself.

In addition to the parents’ names, it has a checkbox (so they can mark themselves present) and a long bar code which represents their People ID # and their Organization ID # (Main Fellowship Class). The actual People ID # and Organization ID # is also printed beside the name as a reference. For those parents not enrolled in a Main Fellowship Class, NA will print in place of the Org ID.


Rally Roll Sheet

How does it work?

The roll sheet is designed to be used with a wand scanner. Scan the long barcode for each person marked present and they will be recorded as having attended their Main Fellowship Class on that date. For those parents who attend, but are not enrolled (see above - NA instead of the org ID), you can record them manually as visitors to the child’s class, if you want to do that.


You will record the attendance for the children/students the same as always - either have them checkin or mark their attendance on a regular roll sheet.

Printing a Rally Rollsheet for a Group of Organizations

  1. Go to Organization > Search / Manage.

  2. Filter for the Program - Division - Schedule. as though you were printing the student/children roll sheets.

  3. In the dialog box, check the Parents (rally mode) box.

  4. Click Create and then print them.

Printing a Rally Rollsheet for one Organization

  1. Go to the Organization

  2. Select Rally Roll Sheet from cloud icon on Toolbar under REPORTS.

  3. Enter the date for the upcoming Sunday.

  4. Click OK and then print it.

Recording Attendance using Rally Roll Sheets


Wait until all adult classes have entered their normal attendance before scanning the rally roll sheets

After the parents have attended and marked themselves present in their child’s class, use the roll sheet and a wand scanner and proceed as follows:

  1. Go to a meeting page for any classes that used the rally roll sheet t

  2. Select Ticketing Attendance (under Blue Toolbar > Gear)

  3. With your cursor in the Wand Target box, begin by scanning the the bar code beside the name of a person marked present

  4. That will find the meeting for the parent’s class and then mark that person present, as well as show you the class/meeting information on the screen.


    In addition to the scanner sound, you will hear a sound (ding) to indicate that the person has been marked present successfully. You will hear a different sound (thunk) if they were already marked as attended or that they are not enrolled in an organization. This allows you to keep your eyes focused on the rollsheet, except when you hear the ‘exception’ indicator.

  5. Continue scanning in this order until you have recorded attendance for all parents who attended, moving from rollsheet to rollsheet. You do not have to find another meeting once you start scanning. Scanning each bar code will find each meeting for you.

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