Recent Attendance Report

The preferred method of getting this information is for the staff member or lay leader to receive the Email Attendance Notice. It is interactive and much most useful; whereas, the Recent Attendance Report is a simply a PDF report.

In addition to the Email Attendance Notices, another report for attendance is the Visits / Absents report. This one truly shows Recent Guests and any Members who have been absent. Those are the people you would most likely want to contact.

If you choose to generate this older report, it will display Recent Guests in the top section of the report, along with their contact information (including their birthday) and the date they last attended the class. The next section lists all the Members, with the same information as the Guests. For the Members, an attendance string and attendance percentage also displays, showing their attendance in the class.

If there is a First Meeting Date on the org, the report will display everyone that attended on or after that date. If there is no date, it will display everyone who has visited since the creation of the class. It does not use the recent visitor weeks.

If a person was enrolled in the class the previous year and you add a new First Meeting Date for the current year, the attendance percentage and the attendance string will start with the new First Meeting Date. However, the person’s individual attendance will still be in his history.

Generate Report

Step 1

Go to the organization for which you want the report.

Step 2

Select Blue Toolbar > Cloud > Org Attendance > Recent Attendance Report.

This will open a PDF report. Use your browser or PDF print function if you want to print it.

The report will sort within each section (Guests and Members) by the Last Attended Date, then alphabetically by last, first name.


The determining factor for whether a person displays in the Guest section or the Member section is whether they are currently a member of the organization or not.

If someone was a member of the class when they last attended, and now have been dropped from the class, the name will move up to the Guest section (because he is no longer a member). A Previous Member’s Status will be his Attend Type the last time he attended the class.

So, basically, the top section contains any non-members of the org that have attended since the First Meeting Date, and the next section contains current members of the org.