Repair Transactions

Only a user with Admin role will see the Repair Transactions option under the gear icon on the blue Toolbar when viewing an organization.

What does the Repair Transactions option do?

The Enrollment Transaction History for membership in an Organization is supposed to be a linked list of Join, Change and Drop records.

The rules for good transactions are as follows:

  • The first transaction must be a Join.

  • A Change can only follow another Change or a Join.

  • A Drop can only follow a Change or a Join.

  • A Join can only follow a Drop.

  • There should never be two Drops in a row.

  • There should never be two Joins in a row.

  • The transactions are linked together by a NextTranDate which points to the next transaction in date order.

  • Each transaction after the first should point back to an associated Join transaction through the Enroll Id.

The Repair Transactions function attempts to repair any problems with these rules in a non-destructive way. Normal use of the system should not have any of these problems.

These issues are typically found after complex conversions of data from a previous system with data integrity problems.

If, when viewing the Transaction History, you see a Tran Type (Join, Change, Drop) in red, there are some issues that cannot be resolved with the Repair Transactions button. We have some additional means of manually repairing these type of issues. Always let us know via a Support Request if you see any problems.

We have a script that can be added to your database that will allow the Admin user to run a report to clean up bad transactions. This is run from the blue Toolbar on the Organization > Search/Manage page so you can filter and look at these for organizations in a specific Program and Division.