eSPACE Integration

You can link TouchPoint Involvements to eSPACE events so that future event dates/times will sync to TouchPoint, creating future meetings for the Involvements. To enable this integration, follow the steps below:

Step 1 - Create a User Account with eSPACE

If you do not already have an account with eSPACE, create one for your church on the eSPACE website. Click here to go to the eSPACE website. Once you have an account, you will enter the username and password in TouchPoint settings.

Step 2 - Enable the Integration on TouchPoint

To enable the integration, you will need to configure a few administration settings on your TouchPoint database. All these settings can be found on the Integrations tab, in the eSPACE section.

  • Enter your eSPACE user name in the eSPACEUserName setting.
  • Enter your eSPACE password in the eSPACEPassword setting.
  • Toggle the eSPACEEnabled setting to True.
  • Optionally, set the eSPACEDaysToSync setting. This determines the number of days into the future to search for events in eSPACE to sync to meetings in TouchPoint. If you leave this setting blank, it will default to 60 days.


The eSPACE credentials you enter in the eSPACEUserName and eSPACEPassword settings should be for an account with admin rights. These credentials are used to access eSPACE to retrieve a list of upcoming events, so the account information you use in these settings must be for an account that has access to all the events you plan to link to TouchPoint Involvements. TouchPoint users who link Involvements to eSPACE events will not necessarily need an eSPACE account since the credentials stored in the settings provide the access to the list of upcoming eSPACE events.