Add New Person to New Family

After searching, if you do not find an individual (in your original search) or a family member of that individual (when you Search by Family), you will need to add a new family.

If you have not reviewed the articles on searching, please do so before adding new records.

Follow the steps below after you have searched and not found either the person or a family member of that person.

Step 1

Press the Add New Family button.

Complete the first form as fully as possible.

A First and Last Name are required. If you do not know the name, you can enter na. However, we do not recommend creating records without a name.

Business Names

If you are entering a business, be sure to mark the record as a Business/Entity since different rules apply for these records. See Add New Business for more information.

Step 2
Press Submit. This will take you to the next form - Home Phone and Address.
Step 4

Enter the Home Phone, if they have one.

Enter the street address for Address Line 1, and enter nothing in Address Line 2, unless they have a facility name, PO Box along with a street address, or something else that belongs on line 2.

Enter the City and Zip Code if you know it, and select the State.

Step 5

Press Submit.

If the address is found, the system will adjust it to fit the proper formatting and will add the +4 to the zip code. It will also display the message Address Found and Adjusted by USPS along with the information you entered.


If the address is not found by the USPS, and you know it is a good address, you can click Skip Address Check. However, you may have a bad address, so be sure to check with the individual and enter the correct address. Sometimes the address will be correct, but is so new that the USPS does not have it in its latest update. You will want to make a note to return and validate the address at a later date.

Step 6
Press Submit Again.

If you need to add another family member just press the Add to Last Family button and complete the form for the next family member. You will not be required to enter an address for subsequent family members - just the first one you add.

Also, the system will determine if the person is a Primary Adult or a Child based on the Gender, Marital Status and Date of Birth. These three pieces of information are very important in keeping your database free of duplicate records, as well as for setting the family Position.

You can continue adding family members as above. Once you have finished, press Commit and Add to create the new records and complete the process.


Please note that the new records are not actually created until AFTER you press Commit and Add.

Latest Update 07/31/2020

Updated information about names for businesses.