Credit Card Expiration

This Condition, found on the Contributions category tab, will allow you to find people in your database that have a saved credit card that will expire before the number of days you specify.

Recurring Giving Donors & Credit Cards

If you allow donors to use their credit cards for online giving, you will want to perform this service so their giving will not be delayed due to an expired credit card. Create a search using the Condition Has Managed Giving With Credit Card, to find those using a credit card for their managed giving. Then add the Condition Credit Card Expire Date and enter the number 30 (or however many days you want). Run this search on a monthly basis and notify those in the results that the credit card on file will expire and they will need to update their managed giving with their new expiration date.

Be sure to tell them they will need to re-enter the account number and CSV number as well, not just the expiration date.


This will also find anyone whose saved credit card has already expired…because a date in the past would, of course, be prior to the number of days specified.