Contribution Change Percent

This Condition, which is on the Contribution category tab in Search Builder allows you to find those in your database whose giving has changed- either increased or decreased. You can combine this with other Conditions such as Member Status, Recent Attendance Count, etc. in order to look at more specific groups of people.

The condition will be comparing two periods of time. The periods of time should be approximately the same. It will compute the total giving for the second period of time as a percentage of the total giving for the first period of time.

Below are the fields you will use:

Start Date

This is the starting date for the comparison and defines the beginning of the first period of time. For example it could be a date 2 years back. In other words, if the current date is 9/30/2016, you could make the Start Date something close to 9/30/2014.

End Date

This date should be somewhere around the half-way point between the Start Date and Today. It marks the end of the first period of time and the beginning of the second period of time. Based on the start date mentioned above, the End Date could be 1 year back as it should be about the half way point between the Start Date (2 years ago) and the current date. So if the Start Date is 8/2/2014, the End Date should be 8/2/2015 - if the current date is 8/2/2016.


Select LessEqual to find those whose current giving has decreased or GreaterEqual to find those whose giving has increased.


Enter a whole number in the field as the percentage: for example 120 or 130. Do not use the % sign.

Here’s what your Search will look if the current date is close to 8/2/2016:

Contribution Change Pct

The above example will return everyone whose giving has Increased by 20% or more (notice I used 120 as the number). If you want those whose giving has decreased, change the Comparison to LessEqual. You can use whatever percentage you want.

Here’s how this works:

Using the dates in the examples it compares the total giving from 8/2/2014 - 8/2/2015 with the total giving from 8/2/2015 - 8/2/2016 to find those who fit your Comparison & Value, those whose giving has changed by the % in the comparison value field.


  • A new member who has just started giving would have, of course, increased giving.

    • You can include a Join Date so that you look only at those whose Join Date was GreaterEqual to the Start Date in your Search.

  • You may want to find those whose giving and attendance has decreased.

    • You can add a Conditions for Recent Attendance Count - for the past 720 days had a count GreaterEqual to 30; in the past 365 days had a count LessEqual to 5 (or perhaps Equal 0). This only works well if you are capturing weekly attendance.

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