Created Date

This Condition on the Admin category tab in Search Builder allows you to find all the people records that have been created before or after a specific date or during a date range.

This Condition will find people based on the date their record was created in the database. You can use an exact date (Equal), or a range of dates (GreaterEqual and LessEqual), or just look for records created after or before a specific date.


If you want to use a date range, you will use the Condition twice in the search. The first will use GreaterEqual and a date, the second will use LessEqual and a date.

People Records

At the bottom of each people record (on the Personal tab), you will see Record Added followed by a date and time, with the User ID# of the person that created the record in parentheses. You can click the ID# to view the record of the user that created the record.