Days Between 1st and 2nd Attendance

For this Condition, which is located on the Attendance Dates category tab, you can specify the number of days to look back (this would be a longer period of time) and then specify how many days between a person’s first visit to anything and their next visit. You can specify a Program/Division/Organization for the person’s next visit, but it is not required. The Comparison and the Value refer to the number of days between the 1st and 2nd attendance. The Days field is the number of days to look back.

Use Case - Life Group Assimilation

This is a great way to see how long it takes after a guest’s first visit to your church before they visit a Life Group. You might look back 180 days and set the comparison to Greater Than or Equal to 21 days. This would find those who did not visit a Life Group until 3 weeks or more after their initial visit.

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