This Condition located on the Personal category tab in Search Builder will present a drop down list of Employers that are in the database. This list is created automatically whenever someone adds an Employer on a person’s record, if the Employer is not already in the database.


When adding an Employer (or a School) to a record, start typing and a list will begin to display after you type 3 letters. Always look for the Employer in the list first before adding a new one.

Use Case

You want to find everyone who has an Employer on their record, but is NOT employed by FedEx.

  • Condition = Employer

  • Comparison = Not Equal and select FedEx

  • Results will be everyone that has an Employer on their record that is NOT FedEx (this will not include anyone without an Employer on their record)

Of course, you can use Equal and select FedEx. Or, if you have several variations of one employer in your database, you will want to use One Of and select all of the various options, such as FedEx, Federal Express, Fed Ex, and so forth.

You can also use this search condition to clean up the list of employers by finding those with, for example, Federal Express, and changing it to FedEx, or whatever variation you choose to use.