First Org Join Date

Located on the Enrollment History category tab in Search Builder this Condition will find everyone with an organization enrollment/join date that is equal to, before, or after whatever date you select.

If you do not select a Program, Division, or Organization, the results will be everyone that joined anything for the first time based on the date you specified.

If you select a Program and/or Division, the results will be anyone that joined that specific Program/Division for the first time based on the date.

Use Case

If you have had a campaign to get people enrolled in Wednesday night Discipleship classes, you might want to find everyone that joined one of these for the first time after the start of the campaign. Select Program - Discipleship (or whatever Program you use for this) and the Comparision Greater Than the date you started the campaign.

This will let you know how many new enrollees you got as a result of the campaign.