This Condition on the Personal category tab in Search Builder allows you to find people based on their gender.

The options are Male, Female, or Unknown. If a record is created and a gender is not specified the gender will by default be Unknown.

Use Case - Only Records with a Gender

If you wanted to insure that you were selecting only those with a Gender on their record, then select One Of and then pick Male and Female. You can also use Not One Of and select Unknown.

Use Case - Clean Up your Data

You can also select Equal Unknown to find everyone whose record is missing the Gender. You might be able to add the Gender by looking at any of several factors:

  1. The name itself is sometimes a clue to the gender. If the person is a Jr., that normally applies only to males.

  2. Look at Involvements. If the person is enrolled in a boy’s class or a women’s Bible study, those are clues as well.

  3. If the person is an adult and has a family, look at the Registration tob of the children. Frequently, the mother and father will be listed. This will help you determine the gender of the parent.