Guest As Of

This condition, on the Attendance Dates tab in Search Builder, returns any New Guests and Recent Guests during the date range that you specify. You can also specify:

  • Program

  • Program > Division or

  • Program > Division > Organization


This Condition will not return Visiting Members. However, the Condition AttendTypeAsOf allows you to select One Of, and then select any Attend Types you want, including Visiting Members.

If you would like to build and save a search that will not need to be modified, try using the Condition RecentAttendType. For this Condition, you select a number of days to look back as well as the Attend Types you want to include. By using a number of days, instead of a date range, you can run this weekly or monthly, depending on the number of days you select to look back, and will not need to modify the search.

If you are not familiar with Attend Types, you might be interested in the help article below.

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