Has Managed Giving

This Condition located on the Contributions category tab in Search Builder when set to True will return everyone who has set up online recurring (managed) giving. This will not include anyone who has changed the amounts to zero.

You have the option of including a Fund ID #, if you want to narrow the search to only those with recurring giving toward a specific fund. Leave that field empty to return everyone with recurring giving, regardless of the funds to which they give.


The Fund ID # is found in Admin > Contributions > Fund Management.

New Funds

This is helpful if you want to notify your recurring donors of a new fund that is available for online giving. This will give them an opportunity to add a donation to that new fund by managing their recurring giving.

Closing Funds

This Condition is necessary to find those giving to a fund that you are going to close, so that you can notify those donors. Once you close a fund, any amounts designated for that fund in their recurring giving will no longer come out of their bank account. Therefore, their total recurring giving will be reduced by that amount.

Yearly Love Offering

If you have a new fund each year for a Love Offering or a special building fund, you could email your donors letting them know that they can manage their recurring giving and include the new fund in their giving. Also, you need to let them know if you are planning to close an older fund, so they can remove any amounts going toward that fund.

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