Has My Tag

This Condition located on the Miscellaneous category tab in Search builder allows you to select one or more of your saved Tags, including those that are owned by someone else and shared with you.

Once you select this Condition, you will have a dropdown menu of the list of your Tags. You can select one or more of your Tags. The results will be a combined list of everyone who is in one of the tags you selected.

Use Case

If you want to find people that are in each of 3 different Tags, then add this Condition to your search 3 times, selecting a different Tag each time. Make sure that the top Condition is set to Match All. The results will be only those individuals that are in all 3 Tags.

It will not be a combined list which is what you would get if you select multiple Tags using the Condition one time.


We advise that you do not make public any searches containing a Tag Condition. If the user running the search does not have that Tag shared with him, he will not get the desired results.