Has Optouts for Email

This condition located on the Admin category tab in Search builder helps you find people who have clicked unsubscribe in an email from your church. You can enter a specific email address to find those that opted out from a specific user, or change the comparison to Not Equal and leave the field blank to find everyone with an optout for any email address.

Select a date and it will find those who added an Optout after that date.


Add {unsubscribe} in your email in order to give the recipient this option.

The list of Optouts will display on a person’s record on the Emails > OptOuts tab.

Optouts, an Explanation

Each optout is a unique combination of a from email address and a peopleid. This means a person can optout of students@mychurch.org but not missions@mychurch.org for example. Optouts are used to minimize use of the Spam button so that we keep a good reputation as a mass emailer.

The End Date will filter out any optouts that occurred prior to this date. This would facilitate a procedure where you wanted to remove them from a newsletter group and you don’t want to see any you had already dealt with.