Has Recent New Attend

This Condition located on the Recent Attendance category tab in Search Builder allows you to find those those who attended as a new guest within a specified number of days. You also can specify a number of days to look back with no attendance prior to that. You can narrow the search further by selecting other options: Program/Division/Organization, Org Type.


If nothing is specified for Number of days for no attendance, the default will be 365 days.

If you select True, and enter 180 in the field for the number of days with no attendance and 7 days in the Days field, the results will be those who have not attended during the previous 180 days, but did attend in the past 7 days.

This Condition is used in the Reports > Vital Stats to find any New Attends for the week.

Use Case for Previously Active Attenders

You can use this Condition and combine it with Attendance Count History, using the same Program, with a date range of 2 years prior, and a count of greater than 10. This will find those who attended, for example, a Life Group more than 10 times in 2014, but have not attended the past 365 days (in 2015), until the past week, when they attended.