Is in a Giving Family toward FundSet

This Condition located on the Contributions category tab in Search Builder returns people if someone in their family is a giver. You can specify the number of Days to look back from today. If you leave the Days blank, it will default to 365 days.

You can also look at a particular FundSet as well by adding the FundSet name.

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This search returns all family members - Primary Adults, Children, and Secondary Adults - if anyone of them has made contributions.

Use Case

You can find the number of ‘giving’ households by adding the Condition Is Head of Household to this Condition. This will return only the HOH for families in which someone make contributions, so the results will be the number of households that are giving.

Use Case 2

If you have special funds, such as an annual Love Offering, you can use the use case above and specify that specific fund id to find how many households are giving to that fund.