Join Date Months Ago

This condition located on the Membership category tab in Search Builder lets you find Members based on how many months ago they joined your church.

Use Case - Members approaching their 1 year anniversary

You can use this Condition with the value Equals 11 to find all church members that joined sometime during the month that is 11 months back. Many churches require that a person be a member for 1 year before they can serve within the church. So the staff can run this search to find those whose 1 year anniversary will be reached in the upcoming month. Then they can communicate with those members encouraging them to get involved as volunteers.

You may also want to find these same people in order to send a note recognizing their 1 year member anniversary.

It does not matter which day of the month the person joined. If the current month is March and you use 11 as the number of months to look back, you will find everyone with a Join Date sometime during the previous April.


If you use this to find potential volunteers you will probably want to add the Age Condition as well, since volunteers would most likely need to be adults.

We also have a Condition where you can specify a date or create a date range. See below.

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