Kids Recent Attendance Count

This Condition located on the Recent Attendance category tab in Search Builder, is based on the attendance of children. However, the results will return all family members in families in which any children have attended anything looking back a specified number of days. You also specify the number of attendances.

Use Case - Parents not in Life Groups

You may have children coming to your church that are attending regularly, but you want to find the parents of those children who themselves are not enrolled in a Main Fellowship class.

Select the Kids Recent Attendance Count and enter 4 as the number of attendances and enter 60 as the number of days to look back (or whatever time period and number of attendances you prefer).

To this Condition, add Is Primary Adult to find parents whose children are attending.

Then add another Condition, In Main Fellowship equals false to narrow the search to those adults who are not enrolled in a Main Fellowship Class, even though their children are attending something at the church.

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See also

This blog post for ideas on how to use this for effective ministry.

This was created several years ago, prior to the name change to TouchPoint, but the ministry message is still worthwhile. And Search Builder (formerly Query Builder) is even easier than ever to use.

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