Maiden Name

This Condition located on the Personal category tab in Search Builder allows you for search for people by their Maiden Name (also called Former Name), using all of part of the name.

Using Ranges

The search will look at the entire name, so be careful when using <= or <= and a letter. If you want one group whose former names start with A through names that start with M, use Before N.

Another Reminder

The system will consider all the letters in the name. So, when using Equals N, for example, you will literally get only those whose former name is N, not Nance or Naylor.

You could, however, use After or Same and the letter N and return those whose former name begins with an N or any other subsequent letter of the alphabet.

If you also add Before or Same and the letter P, you would get those who names begin with N or O, and anyone whose name is exactly P. But you would not get those whose former name is Patt or Passon.