Marital Status

Located on the Personal category tab in Search Builder this Condition allows you to find people based on their Marital Status.

The options for Marital Status come from the Lookup Codes in your church’s database. It is possible that your church has slightly different options, as these can be changed by your System Admin. The standard options are:

  • Unknown

  • Single

  • Married

  • Separated

  • Divorced

  • Widowed

Use Case - Not Married

If you want to find all those in your database that are not married, you could use One Of and then select Single, Divorced, Widowed. Of course, remember, you do have to take into account those with Unknown as a Marital Status. They will not be included in this search.


At our church we consider a couple as still married when they have the marital status of separated, and we would not include them in a search for non-married individuals.