Recent Org Join Date (Days Ago)

Located on the Enrollment History category tab in Search Builder this Condition allows you to find people based on the number of days since they enrolled in an organization. You set the Comparison to either look before (GreaterThan) or since (LessThan) a specified number of days.

Use Case

You may want to find everyone who joined a Life Group in the past 7 days. Use the Comparison Less/Equal and enter 7 as the Value (the number of days). Then select the Program and/or Division.

If you manage a specific Division, select both the Program and Division. Then you can contact those each week who are new members to organizations in the Division you are over.

Because this uses a number of days to look back (and not a date), this is a good query to save and run weekly or monthly (be sure to use the correct number of days to look back) to find all those new members to a particular Program and/or Division.