People Extra Value Date

This Condition located on the Extra Values category tab in Search Builder allows you to enter the name of the Extra Value field that is a date type of Extra Value and then enter a date to find records with that Extra Value and that specified date. You can use GreaterEqual or LessEqual instead of specifying just one date.


You must enter the name of the Extra Value exactly as it is in the database.

Use Case

If you have an EV for Ordination Date and you want to find everyone that was ordained during the current year, you would add this Condition twice - one time using Greater Than/Equal To and select the start date, and again using Less Than/Equal To and select the end date.

Search Builder has other Conditions to help you find people with different types of Extra Values. These Conditions are all listed on the Extra Value category tab.

Make sure you have a general understanding of EVs in order to help you build your search properly.

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