Pledge Amount History with Both Joint

This Condition located on the Contribution category tab in Search Builder, like all Conditions with History in the name, is a search that requires a Start Date and an End Date. So, if you save a search using this Condition each time you run the search be sure to verify that it has the date range you need. You must also specify an Amount. If you want, you can specify a Fund as well.

Use this Condition if you want both husband and wife in the search results, if they give Jointly and even if only one spouse made a Pledge. If both made Pledges, it will include those as well.

The search results will contain both spouses, but not any whose giving type is Individual.

Suggested Use Cases

This Condition can find couples who have made a Pledge Greater Than or Equal To a specified amount and during a specified date range. The Fund is optional. Normally, a couple that gives jointly will make one Pledge, and the Pledge is entered on the record of whoever signs the Pledge card. If both sign a Pledge card, you might typically record the Pledge on the husband’s record. This Condition is looking at those with a giving type of Joint, but will include both the husband and the wife in your search results, regardless of where the Pledge is recorded.

The screenshot indicates those with a Pledge equal to or greater than $1,000 for any Fund.

If you want to find couples that have made a Pledge regardless of the amount, use Greater Than 0.

You can also find those that have not made a Pledge by using Equals 0.


You must have Finance role in order to get results using any Condition regarding contributions.


When new records are added and the giving type is set as Joint for one spouse, the giving type for the other spouse is automatically set to Joint as well, as long as the Marital Status is set to Married.

However, your database may have some giving types set differently for the spouses as a result of a conversion. It is always a good idea to verify your data before depending on this Condition to return the expected results. If one spouse is set as Joint and the other is either set as NULL or set as Individual, your results will be compromised.

We have a very easy way for your System Admin to verify your data using a SQL report named Couples With Different Contribution Options. If there are couples with different giving types, it is a simple matter to clean up the data right from the report. Just click on the ID # and make the necessary changes.

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