Recent Contribution in Bundle Type

Use this Condition located on the Contributions category tab in Search Builder to find everyone who has a contribution within a specified number of days (enter the number) and that contribution was included in the selected Bundle Type (select from the drop down).

Use Case - Online Giving

One use case is to find out how many people give online each month. Select the Bundle Type of Online and use 30 for the number of days to look back.

Use Case - Different Campus

Another use case would be if you have Bundle Types that represent specific campuses - such as East Campus Offering. You can find those who gave their offering at that campus, even though the Campus on their people record might be a different campus.

So, add to this Condition the Campus Condition and select Not Equal East Campus. This will find everyone who made a contribution at that campus, but does not normally attend that campus, or, at least, that is not the campus on their record.


When you use the Totals by Fund or other contribution reports and specify a Campus, the report will look at the Campus on the individual’s record. So, this Condition is helpful to see if people are attending and giving at a Campus other than their main Campus.

Of course, in order to use this Condition to identify giving at a Campus, you would need to have Bundle Types for each Campus. Bundle Types are located in the Lookups table and new types can be created by your System Admin.

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