Recent Changed Record

This Condition located on the Admin category tab in Search Builder allows you to find records for which certain fields were changed within a specified number of days.

You must also enter all or part of a field name, such as LastName, WeddingDate, Address, Zip, Email and so forth. These are fields on an individual’s people record.

Use Case - Address Changes

Enter address as the field name to find records whose address line 1 or 2 have been changed in the number of days you specify.

Combine the search with other Conditions to find, for example, people who are enrolled in an organization containing your church staff. This will find those whose addresses have changed recently, and lets you know to change the person’s address in your payroll system.

If you use Resident codes, you could also add a condition to find church members whose Resident Code has changed recently. This would help you identify people that may have moved out of town.


You must enter at least part of a field name or the search will not run.


Look on an individual’s record System > Changes tab to see the fields that are logged.