Recent Contribution Count

This Condition located on the Contributions category tab in Search Builder allows a user with Finance role to find people based on the number of Contributions they have made during a specified number of days to a specific fund (or all funds). If a husband and wife give/pledge jointly, this condition will only return the head of household, even if the spouse gave/pledged also.


For purposes related to performance of the system, search builder conditions relating to contributions are designed to examine contribution records, and as a result, cannot return people who do not have contribution records. Consequently you cannot directly find people who have not given during a period. But you can do this indirectly by wrapping the reverse condition (those who did give) in a group and saying “not in that group”. See Sample search below.

Use Case - New/Recent Givers

You might want to use LessEqual 1 for 7 days to the General Fund and using the same Condition but changing the number of days to 1000 to find those who have given for the first time (or the first time in a long time). In order for this to work, you must run this weekly.

Sample search for those with no contributions:

The Recent Contribution Count condition has a Comparison of Greater than 0 and can be for a specific fund (you can leave the Fund empty to look at all funds) but it is in a group with the comparison of None.

You can add other conditions to further narrow the focus such as:

  • Either church members or members enrolled in a Main Fellowship Class

So, the search will find those who are either church members or members of a Main Fellowship Class who have no contributions in the past 365 days.

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