Recent Family Adult Last Attended

This Condition is located on the Recent Attendance category tab in Search Builder. It allows you to specify a number of look back days. You can also specify a Program, Division, or an Org. (1,2 or all three). The function will return all Primary Adult members of the family if one or both of them recently attended in the past number of days.

Use Case: Primary Adults that Did Not Attend Worship

If you track individual attendance in Worship and hand out a monthly newsletter, you could find a family that did not attend that specific Worship Organization on the week you gave out the Newsletter. Use this condition = false and specify the Program/Division/Org for the Worship Org, combine that with Is Member Of that same worship org (otherwise it returns the whole database). You would specify the number of lookback days to capture those that did not attend the Sunday you gave out the Newsletter

Then you can add either IsHeadOfHousehold or even the HeadOrSpouseWithEmail condition. Which of those you use would depend on whether you want to send a mailed piece or you want to email the family.

In the search below the results will be the HOH for the family in which neither Primary Adult attended the 11:00 Worship in the past 14 days, but they are enrolled in that same Worship Org.

Latest Update 11/13/2020

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