First Time Giver

Located on the Contributions tab in Search Builder, this condition will find anyone who made their first contribution during the specified time period.

Specify the Start Date and End Date. If desired, specify a Fund by entering a Fund ID # and select the desired Tax Status to include in the search results. The Tax Status refers to the tax status of the Fund itself, not the individual contributions given by the donor. In most cases, you will want to set this to Tax Deductible to restrict the results to actual contributions.


If you specify a Fund, you may find people who have given prior to the specified number of days, but who have just given to that specific Fund for the first time during that time period.

Some churches like to send a note to those that give for the first time. Once you have the results, you can send an email, print labels or even export to Excel for a mail merge to let these people know how much you appreciate their donation to your church.

Or you might combine this with a condition to find those who have recently joined the church and who began giving to the church during the specified date range.

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