Recent Flag Added

This Condition located on the Miscellaneous category tab in Search Builder looks at Status Flags that have been recently added to an individual’s record. You select the Status Flag from the drop down menu, and then specify a number of days to look back. The results will be everyone that had the specified Status Flag added during that number of days.

This Condition is used internally in a Python script that finds people who have had the Status Flag Inactive added that day.


Status Flags are updated nightly.

Use Case

Every church will have different Status Flags, so your use case will depend on the Status Flags you have in your database. Every database will have some basic Status Flags, such as Active Attender, Recent Guest, and In Fellowship.

This search Condition is great if you want to monitor when someone’s status changes to In Fellowship, for example. You can look back 7 days and find everyone whose has just had this Status Flag added during the past week. We use In Fellowship to show that a person is enrolled in a Main Fellowship class.

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