Recent Has Failed Recurring Giving

This Condition located on the Contributions category tab in Search Builder can be run weekly, looking back 7 days to find those donors with recurring giving that has failed. You would not want to run this for much longer a period of time, because in the meantime, the donor may have taken steps to correct the problem.

Like all conditions in the contributions category, the user must have Finance role in order to see any results.

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More information about how this works:

When failed recurring giving happens, we record whose gift it was that failed in the transaction itself.

There are two types of failed transactions, credit card and bank account. The search uses two different methods based on these types. For a credit card, we use the transaction itself. For a bank account, we examine the contribution and look for Recurring Giving in the description. and if the contribution had been marked as Returned.

The new condition uses the date of the contribution or the date of the transaction to determine if it falls within the recent # of days specified. This condition does not consider whether the recurring giving has more recently succeeded. For this reason, we advise running this once a week and only look back 7 days. Regardless, an account ought to be reviewed before making contact with the donor in case they have already taken steps to repair the reason for failure.