Recent Visit Number

This condition located on the Recent Attendance category tab in Search Builder lets you find people who have attended something at your church for the first, second or Nth time to your church.

Use Case

You might want to find everyone whose 1st attendance to anything at your church occurred during the past 30 days.

You could validate this by going to any person’s record under Enrollments > Attendance History and you will see when the first recorded attendance occurred for anything.


If you want to find someone whose 3rd visit was in the past 7 days but want to exclude those whose 2nd and 3rd visit occurred during those same 7 days (meaning their 2nd visit occurred prior to that), you will add this Condition twice. Once for the 3rd visit, which will be True; and next for the 2nd visit, which will be False. Notice the figure below with the code for this search. The 2nd visit in 7 days has a value of False, whereas the 3rd visit in 7 days has a value of True.


TouchPoint has pre-built reports for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd time guests. These are located under Reports > New Guests and will open in Search Builder.

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