User in Role

Located on the Admin category tab in Search Builder this Conditions allows you to find everyone who has a user account and a specific role (or roles) in your church’s TouchPoint database.

Select Equal as the Comparison and the the specific role as the Value from the drop down list. Or select One Of and then select multiple roles from the list.

Use Case

This is a great Condition for your admin to use to verify that everyone with OrgLeaderOnly roles are still involved at your church.

I would combine this Condition with Church Member Status Not Equal Member. That will give you those who have left the church and still have OrgLeaderOnly accounts. Of course, they would no longer be enrolled, but you would probably want to make their accounts My Data accounts. Then if you ever use this search to email users giving them some updated information about using the system, you would not send to those who are no longer serving at your church.