Visit Date Nth Time

This condition located on the Recent Attendance category tab lets you find all of your first time guests that have visited since a specific date, or your second time visitors etc. The attendance could be to anything in your church, but typically this would be the worship service. (see caveat below)

Use Case

Just as a hypothetical, let’s say that your church has designed a process where they do certain things when someone visits the first time, second time etc. For example, on the first visit, they may give them a phone call. Then if they come a second time, they may pay them a personal visit. And then a third time, they may invite them to have dinner with the Pastor.

You can search for those using the previous Sunday’s date.

For this condition to work, you would pick a visit number 1,2,3 etc. and the date. Then you choose a comparison, Greater Than or Equal that date.


Keep in mind that if you have a new database with no attendance records yet, everybody will be a first time guest on the first attendance you record for them. So you probably will want to add a second condition excluding everybody whose record was created prior to the date your database was established. Or you could exclude everybody who is a member of the church or everybody who is a member of a life group.