Wants Electronic Statement

This Condition located on the Contribution category tag in Search Builder looks at the flag Electronic Only that is on the individual’s Giving > Statement tab. If this box is checked, they have indicated they want to generate their own contribution statement and do not need a mailed statement from the church.

This condition can be used to find those you should email letting them know when they can log on and generate their yearly statement. You could combine this condition Equal True, with one of the other Contribution conditions to find those who have contributed in the past year.


There can be three values for this flag:

  • True

  • False

  • NULL

If you select Equal True, in the results, you will get just those whose flag is checked. This will be those that want to generate their own statement.

If you select Equal False, you will get those who have previously checked True, and then unchecked the box.

Neither of these will return the NULLS - that is, those whose flag has not ever been set, one way or another.

Using NotEqual True gets all False and NULL flags.

You can use NotEqual False and return all those set to True as well as the NULLS. However, there really is no good use case for that.