Online Picture Directory

This feature allows a church to create an online directory with photos, contact information, and date of birth (month/day only).

There are two types of directories:

  • The Main Directory – This will be located at the URL The Main Directory requires a Setting called PictureDirectorySelector which points to a Status Flag or an organization. A church may have only one Main directory.
  • Specific Directories – This directory will point to an Organization or a Division with multiple organizations. The URL will be where id is either an OrganizationId or a DivisionId prefixed with the letter d (e.g. PictureDirectory/d205). A church can have many of these type of directories.

Sample Online Directory

Quick Start for a Main Directory

  1. Create a Search Builder search for all Members of the church and whatever other conditions you want.
  2. Create a Status Flag by saving the search as F99:Picture Directory (or use a different Status Flag if that one is used already).
  3. Go to Administration > Setup > Settings and click Add Setting and name it PictureDirectorySelector.
  4. Now edit that setting to be F99 or whatever status flag you used.
  5. View your directory at where yourchurch is your church domain.

Quick Start for an Organization

  1. Go to an organization with members.
  2. Go to the tab Settings > General and click Edit
  3. Go the dropdown Advanced Setup > Publish Directory and choose Yes Publish Directory
  4. Click Save
  5. View your directory at where yourchurch is your church domain, and id is the Organization id.

You can opt out any member of an organization’s Picture Directory by adding them to a sub-group called DoNotPublish.

Who can view a directory?

Only those who are displayed in the directory as part of the group can view the directory. If the person has opted out from the directory they will not be able to view it either. Additionally, the person must be log in to view this directory.

Exception: An Admin user can view any online directory without being in the directory. And the Admin role is required to set up this directory.


If you use the PictureDirectorySelector Setting, you can access the directory on the home page of the church’s TouchPoint database under the People heading in the main menu.