Standard Extra Value Fields

NOTE: This information is outdated after our Jan. 2014 new user interface rollout.

BVCMS has had ExtraValueFields for a long time. They started out as a way to store data during a conversion from another ChMS that had no standard place in BVCMS. Then, they were ‘display only’ fields. Then we allowed them to be edited and new ones created. Now, we are expanding again what you can do with ExtraValue Fields by allowing you to set up your own StandardExtraValueFields and have them appear on every record ready to be edited.

Here are the main features:

  • There is a setting called UseStandardExtraValues which must have a value of true to enable this feature

  • You create an XML file to specify your standard fields.

  • You can specify one of four data types: Code, Data, Date, or Int

    • The Code type will always be presented as a Dropdown box. You specify the values you want for that dropdown.

    • The Data type presents as a multi-line text box.

    • The Date type will present a datepicker tool.

    • Int is for integer numbers.

  • You can still create ad-hoc Extra Values on the ExtraValues tab.

  • You can specify that the ExtraValue Field is only visible and editable by certain roles. This would be good for confidential information.

  • You can use Search Builder to search for ExtraValues.

We have put a sample StandardExtraValueFields.xml file on your database to help you get started. It is under the Files section of Admin > Special Content.

When you edit this XML, any changes may take about 5 minutes to show up.