.. done Using a Custom Login Page ========================= You can customize the login page with your church's branding. Setting this up involves adding a shell to HTML Content and an administration setting. Setting Up Your Custom Login Page --------------------------------- Step 1 **Create the shell.** Go to Administration > Special Content > HTML Content and click the button to create a `New Html File`. Give it a meaningful name, such as **ShellLogin**. Open the new file and click on the `Source` button in the Editor menu. Copy the :ref:`sample code ` below and paste it into the file. This will get you started with a login shell. You will want to edit the file to include your own banner image and footer information and links. As you edit, you can switch back and forth between source view and standard view by clicking the `Source` button. Step 2 **Enter the administration setting**. Go to Administration > Settings and click on the `Add Setting` button. Name the setting **UX-LoginPageShell** and click `Submit` to save the setting. Then enter as its value the name of the login shell you created in Step 1. Creating Campus-Specific Login Pages ------------------------------------ If your church has multiple campuses, you can create a different login page for each campus. To do this, you will create one HTML Content file for each campus. You will also have one setting for each campus with the format **UX-LoginPageShell-{campuscode}** where {campuscode} is a short code you select to designate that campus. For example, your Downtown campus might have the code **DT**. In this case, you will create a setting **UX-LoginPageShell-DT** and set its value to be the name of the login shell you created for that campus. Do this for each of your campuses. Then send people to the appropriate login page using URLs with the format `https://yourchurchname.tpsdb.com/Logon?campus={campuscode}`. .. _SampleCode: Sample Code for a Login Shell ----------------------------- :: Logon to TouchPoint

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