.. todo Recreate Empty Template for your Database ========================================= Each database must have a template named Empty Template. If you accidentally delete it you can add it back by following the steps below. Step 1 Go to `Administration > Special Content > Email Templates` and click the green `+New Email Template` button. Step 2 Enter the file name **Empty Template** and click the `Submit` button. .. note:: You must name this template exactly as indicated. Step 3 This will open the template. Now click the `Source` button in the header. Step 4 Remove all text in the template itself. Step 5 Copy the text :ref:`below `, paste it into the template. Then click the `Source` button again. Step 6 This template will contain the text **Click here to edit content** which will disappear once someone clicks in the body of the email template to create his email. Click the blue `Save Content` button. .. _CopyText: Copy the text below: .. code-block:: html
Click here to edit content