Drop Organization Members

When you drop organization members, you will be able to find them on the Previous tab of the organization, and by using one of the Conditions on the Enrollment History tab in Search Builder.

There are a several ways to remove (Drop) members from an organization.

  1. Individually…one at a time
  2. Drop all as a batch
  3. Using a tag
  4. Drop all for multiple orgs
  5. Drop based on zero attendance


If you are going to make an organization Inactive, you should first drop all the Members. Then make the organization ‘Inactive`.

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Drop Individual Members

Step 1
Click on the person’s Member Type within that organization. You can access this either on the person’s Involvement > Current tab or on the Members tab of the Organization.
Step 2
Click the Drop button in the Member Dialog box.
Step 3
Enter a drop date or leave it blank for today’s date. You can also check the box to Remove From Enrollment History. See Caution section below. Click the Yes, Drop Member button.
Step 4
Click the green Close button on the confirmation dialog box.


You must have the Edit role in order to drop organization members. Also, there is an option to remove enrollment history for an individual. Only use this option when you have been testing or if someone has been enrolled by mistake. This will remove all enrollment (but not attendance) history.

Drop Multiple or All Members - Batch Process

Step 1
Go to the Organization > Members tab and select Drop Members from the drop down. Be sure to note the message in the dialog box, letting you know how many members you will be dropping.


If you are not dropping everyone, just filter for those you want to drop, using the checkboxes. Be sure to click Filter after checking those to drop.

Step 2
Click the Drop button.


You have the option to enter a drop date. If you enter nothing, the date will default to the current date.

Step 3
You will see the progress. Once it finishes, click the Dismiss button.

Dropping Prospects or Inactive and Pending Members

You can use the same methods as above to drop Prospects, Inactive Members or Pending Members - i.e. either individually or as a batch.

Drop Using a Tag

If you have members in the organization that are also in one of your Tags, you can use the batch process to drop them as well.

Step 1
Make sure that the Tag you want to use is your Active Tag, then go to the Members tab of the organization.
Step 2
Using the drop down menu beside Filter, select Filter by Active Tag.
Step 3
Check the boxes beside each person. You can use Filter > Check All.
Step 4
Using the drop down beside Members, select Drop Members, then click the Drop button.
Step 5
When the process finishes, press the Dismiss button.

Drop All Members for Multiple Orgs

This process will not only drop all members from the orgs, it will also make those orgs Inactive. This cannot be undone, so it can only be performed by your TouchPoint System Admin.

Step 1
Go to Organizations > Search / Manage from the main menu and filter for the Program / Division, etc. and press Search. Be sure you have just those organizations listed for which you want to drop the members.
Step 2
Select the Blue Toolbar > Gear > Drop Members / Inactivate Orgs. You will see a warning indicating the numbers of organizations and members that will be affected.
Step 3
Click the Drop button and wait for the process to complete.

Use Case for Dropping Members from Multiple Orgs

If you have multiple organizations for your Vacation Bible School, once the week has ended, you will want to drop everyone and make those orgs Inactive until next year. This process makes that so simple. Be careful, as it cannot be undone.

Drop Members Based on Zero or Low Attendance

This method is used prior to annual promotion, so that you do not promote children who either have never attended in the past year, or who have a very low attendance and have not attended recently.

You can use this anytime you need to clean up organizations, not just at promotion.

Step 1
Go to the individual org People tab, and click the %Att column header to sort from lowest to highest attendance percentage.
Step 2
Make sure no one is selected by first clicking Filter > Check None. Now select the checkboxes by those with a zero attendance. Click Filter so that you are viewing only those you selected.
Step 3

Go to Members > Drop Members. The dialog box will prompt you, showing how many members you will be dropping. If that is correct, click the Drop button.


Do NOT select Remove Enrollment History, as you will want to preserve the history.

Click Filter > Check None and then Clear.

Proceed with the same steps for other classes involved in promotion.

Low Attenders

You can also use the same procedure to remove those that have not attended since early in the year. For these, click the header Dates > Last Attended to find those who have not attended in a long time. Proceed with Step 2 above.

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