Add Members Using a Tag

One of many uses for a Tag is to add a group of people to the same Involvement all at one time. You add them to a tag and then add them to the Involvement from the tag.

Step 1

Create a Tag and add the appropriate people to it.

Step 2

Go to the Involvement and click the drop down arrow next to the Add Members button and select Add Members from Tag.

Step 3

Find the appropriate Tag from the drop down list. Click Select Tag, and then click Add People.

Use Case 1 - Duplicate an Involvement

If you wanted to copy an Involvement and have all the members from the current Involvement added to the new Involvement, using this feature is the easiest way to do that.

  • Create the new Involvement.

  • Go to the original Involvement > People > Members tab and click the Gear > Tags > Add All from the blue toolbar.

  • Go to the new Involvement follow Steps 2-3 above.

Use Case 2 - Committee Members

If you are working on a list of possible Deacons, Committee members, or other church leaders you can tag each individual as their name is proposed. You can work from the tag to add/remove until the list is completed, allowing you to have a degree of confidentiality until the prospective leaders have been fully vetted. At that point follow the simple directions above to add from tag to the appropriate Involvement.

Use Case 3 - Split a Class

If you need to split one class into two classes based on age, you can sort by Age on the People > Members tab of the Involvement, by clicking Age in the column header. Tag all of those who are the appropriate age for the new class by clicking the green Tag icon under the Actions column for those you want in the tag. Then go to the new Involvement and add from tag as above. Remember to drop the tagged group from the original Involvement after adding them to the new one.


When using Add Members from Tag, it can actually be your last Search Builder results instead of a tag. This works just like above, except you select (last query) from the drop down list. This will add everyone who was included in the last Search Builder search you ran. The Search does not have to be a Saved Search - just the last one you ran.

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