Tags are a light-weight means of grouping people together for a specific (usually temporary) purpose. Tags are personal (that is, private) for the person who created the Tag, and for anyone with whom the creator has shared the tag. Tags do not display on the Involvement record of the person in the Tag. Because the blue Toolbar displays on the People > Tags page, you have all the options that are available on the Toolbar.
Active Tag
The Active Tag will display in the Header to the right of the Search box. If you want to change the Active Tag, click on the tag that is displaying in the Header. Then click on the one you want to make active. If you are adding people to an existing tag, it must be your Active Tag.

All of the Tags that you have saved or that have been shared with you will be listed on your Home Page under the My Tags section. Just click the one you want to use and it will take you to the Tags page with the Tag you selected as the Active Tag.

Create a Tag from the Tags Page

Step 1
Go to People > Tags.
Step 2
Click Action > Create Tag.
Step 3
Type the Tag Name and click Submit.

Now your new tag will be the Active Tag (in the top right corner of the page).

Create / Manage a Tag from the Toolbar

Step 1
On a Person page, Organization page, or on Search Builder results page, click the Toolbar > Gear > Tags > Add All.
Step 2

The name of your active Tag will display in the dialog box.

To create a new tag-
Type the name of the new tag and then click OK.
To use the active Tag-

Do one of the following:

  • Check the box to Clear Tag First then click OK. This will remove all existing people from that tag before you add this new list of people. And when the operation is finished, you will be taken to the Manage Tags page.


  • Leave the box unchecked and these new people will be added to your active Tag and you will remain on the current page.

Add People to a Tag

After creating a tag, the next step is to find the people you want to tag.

For an organization or search builder results:
  • Click the grey Tag Icon in the Tag column for those you want to add.
  • Or, select Toolbar > Gear > Tags > Add All to add everyone in the list to the tag.
  • The Tag Icon for those belonging to your tag will appear green.
On an people page:
  • Select Toolbar > Gear > Tags > Add All to add that one individual to that tag.

Sharing Tags

Perhaps you and another staff member have a need to use the same tagged group. You can share the Tag with one or more users and each of you will have access to that Tag. You can share Tags on the Tags page.


Anyone with whom a tag is shared can add and remove people from the tag, rename the tag, share / unshare the tag with other users, even if they are not the creator of the tag. However, no one can delete the tag as long as it is shared with others. The creator must remove the shared users, then delete the tag.

Step 1
Go to People > Tags and select the tag you want to share using the drop down menu.
Step 2
Click the Shared with 0 users button.
Step 3
Enter the name of the user with whom you want to share this tag and press Search. Check the box beside their name and then click Save Changes

You can share the tag with more than one user, just repeat the process outlined above.


When a tag is shared with you, the name of the tag will appear with the user’s name followed by an exclamation mark, followed by the name of the tag like Jane Doe!RecentYoungAdultVisitors

To un-share the tag, follow Steps 1 & 2, then uncheck the user’s name and click Save Changes

Remove People from a Tag

This can be done one by one, or for the entire tag.

  • Click the name of your active tag in the top right corner of the screen and select Empty Active Tag, to remove everyone from the current Active Tag.
  • Go to People >Tags, select the tag to empty, then select Action > Empty Tag. This will also remove everyone from the selected tag.
  • Click the green Tag Icon in the Tag column to remove an individual from the Active Tag.
Rename a Tag
Go to People > Tags, and select the tag. Then click Action > Rename Tag. Replace the current name with the new name, then click Submit.
Delete a Tag
Go to People > Tags, and select the tag. Then click Action > Delete Tag. At the prompt, select Yes, delete tag.
Misc Information about Tags
  • From the Tags page, you can send a mass email, print labels, export to a mail merge, run reports. You can do anything for your tag that is available on the Toolbar.
  • You can also record attendance at a meeting for a Tag.
  • You can create a special Track Birthdays Tag.
  • Tags can be used to add or remove people from organizations.
Latest Update 05/11/2021

Updated Steps for Adding Individuals to Tag