Validate Address for a Tag or Query

This is just one of the Admin batch processes in TouchPoint that allow us to update multiple records at one time. This process uses the USPS Address Verification software that we use in TouchPoint. Each address will be verified, changed to match the USPS preferences regarding style, and the zip +4 will be added.

Validate Multiple Addresses

Step 1

Run a search to find addresses that are missing the zip +4. The Condition is Has Zip Plus 4. Select `equals false.

Step 2

Select from the blue Toolbar > Gear > Tags > Add All to create a new tag containing all these records.

Step 3

Send a Support Request giving us the name of the Tag - be sure you share that Tag with The Admin record in your database.

Or save the search and give us the name of the saved search.

We will run the batch process for you.


When we run it, we will see the number of addresses in the dialog box, and then the number that are processed. If the number is different, then there were some addresses that were not able to be validated. This could be due to a missing apt. number, a directional on the street, or because the address is new and not in the USPS database yet.

After we run the batch process, you can then run the search again and look at these addresses individually.

Addresses are validated when a new record is created manually in the database, but not at the point a new record is created during an online registration. Also, your database may have old records that were never verified.

This batch process is a very easy way to update them all at one time.

If you have a very large database, you may want to add other Conditions to your search so that we are not running this process for thousands of records at one time. You can add a Condition to find church members first, and then the next time find non-church members.